15 Reasons to Hire a Poop Scooping Service

reasons to hire a poop scooping service

We’re prepared to give you fifteen excellent reasons to hire a poop scooping service!

Before we jump into the reasons to hire a poop scooping service, let me just say you won’t regret allowing someone else to take this crappy chore off your hands.

Let’s get to it.

Here are 15 reasons to hire a poop scooping service.

#1 Saves You Time

The number one reason why people hire Super Scoopers is because they are busy and don’t have time to scoop the poop. Dogs poop a lot, which means it takes time to clean it up. People are busier than ever and certainly don’t have extra time for poop scooping. You want to spend your extra time relaxing and doing stuff you love – we bet that isn’t scooping poop.

#2 Dog Poop is Gross

Let’s be real. Dog poop is gross. It looks gross, and it stinks. Plus, it is also dangerous, containing harmful parasites. So dangerous that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency labeled pet waste a nonpoint source pollutant, which means it is in the same category as toxic chemicals from motor vehicles, pesticides, and more

#3 It’s Safer to Leave It to the Pros

Considering what we just talked about, it is safer to leave the poop scooping to the pros. Super Scoopers sanitize equipment and shoes before each yard.

#4 You Can Customize It.

With companies like Super Scoopers, there are no contracts, so you can start and stop the service as needed. What if you notice your yard needs more or less scooping? You can ask us to come more often or less often.

#5 It’s an A Lot of Poop

An average dog can produce roughly five pounds of poop per week. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you don’t stay on top of it, it will pile up very quickly.

Now imagine you have two, three, four, or even more dogs! That’s a lot of poop.

#6 You Have Physical Limitations

There are some individuals that have physical limitations that make it harder to bend over and pick up dog poop. In these cases, it is very wise to ask for help by hiring a poop scooping service.

#7 You are Recovering from Health Issues

Another reason we are hired is because a pet owner has had a health issue and is still recovering. While recovering, the dog poop has piled up, and they are unable to get on top of it (or they are physically unable to).

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#8 You are Hosting an Event

If you have family visiting or are planning to host a big event in your yard in the near future, hire a poop scooping service. Don’t wait until right before. Start the scoop pooping right away to give your lawn time to heal from dog poop piles.

#9 You are a Parent to Little Kids

Little kids like to explore and pick up everything – including dog poop that has been left to harden. Even if your kids do not try to scoop the poop themselves, you still have to worry about your kids stepping in and exposing themselves to harmful bacteria.

#10 You Need to Fix Your Yard

Dog poop is not a type of fertilizer. It harms your yard; it doesn’t help it. Regular poop scooping can help heal your yard. Plus, it can return your yard to the relaxing retreat it should be. No more worrying about stepping in poop. You can run free!

#11 Your Dog Won’t Eat It

One of the less-than-pleasant truths about dogs is that sometimes they eat their own poop. It’s gross. One easy way to prevent this nasty habit is to regularly scoop the poop.

#12 Stop Complaints from the Neighbors

You don’t want your smelly yard to become neighborhood gossip. If you want to stay on your neighbor’s good side, hire a pooper scooper service.

#13 Save Your Marriage

Dog poop left un-scooped can cause a lot of problems in relationships. For example, many couples have disagreements as to who should clean up after the dog (because no one wants to!). With an argument like that going unresolved, the problem in the backyard piles up. We have been jokingly told by many different clients that our poop scooping service has saved a marriage!

#14 Keep Germs Out of Your House

We track stuff into our homes on the bottom of our shoes. This includes bacteria from dog poop. Unfortunately, even after dog poop has been picked up, the bacteria that soaked into the yard while it was un-scooped seeps into the ground. Then, the bacteria gets tracked inside. Just another reason regular poop scooping is a must.

#15 It’s Affordable

Many people mistakenly believe poop scooping service is expensive. It’s not! We aim to keep our prices affordable because we believe poop scooping service is necessary for dog owners.

Why wait? Now is the perfect time to hire a poop scooping service – especially Super Scoopers! We have a 5-star reputation for answering the call of doo-dy.