Super Scoopers Reviews & Testimonials

  • The best service! Very professional and they text me before arriving helping me plan my day. Always feel extremely well communicated with. Thanks Brian and Allison!

    Jess Melo Avatar
    Jess Melo

    We were fortunate to be able to have them scoop our yard. They are very friendly and professional. My family and I have been very pleased with the quality work they do. I would highly recommend. Thanks.

    Chris Knight Avatar
    Chris Knight

    I enjoyed using this company. We were renting a small house with four dogs until we got our home. They made life easier and cleaner while being 100% affordable! Never worried about the dogs getting out after their service because it was a big deal to them to ensure me that the gate was always closed. Thank you!

    Megyn Hynes Avatar
    Megyn Hynes
  • I have had Super Troopers for over 3 months now and it's been great! They are super responsive and always willing to text or call me before heading over.

    We normally have the same tech and she cleans are yard quickly and quietly not to disrupt our babies! I will be keeping this service forever!

    Tara Bice Avatar
    Tara Bice

    Love Super Scoopers! Such a reasonable price for something so valuable! With 3 dogs and a kid who loves playing outside, we will never not have this service.

    Bianca Salas Avatar
    Bianca Salas

    I highly recommend Super Scoopers for their services. The signup and cancellation process is really easy and clear (we will definitely work with them again in the wintertime). And our dogs greatly appreciate a clean yard!

    Giang Hoang Avatar
    Giang Hoang

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