Why World Spay Day Is So Important

world spay day

The fourth Tuesday of every February since 1995 is World Spay Day, falling this year on February 22, 2022.

Before we get into the purpose of World Spay Day and why it matters, let’s break down the logistics.

VCA Animal Hospitals explains, “Spaying is the common term used to describe the surgical procedure known as an ovariohysterectomy. In this procedure, the ovaries and uterus are removed completely in order to sterilize a female dog.”

Male dogs are neutered. VCA Animal Hospitals explains, “Neutering (also known as castration) is the common term used to describe the surgical procedure during which both testicles are removed in order to sterilize (make infertile) a male dog, therefore stopping its ability to reproduce.”

When we discuss World Spay Day, we are advocating for both spaying and neutering.

After you finish reading this blog, you’ll understand why.

The Number One Cause of Death

The purpose of World Spay Day is to help save animal lives. The connection between animal lives and spaying is clear. Karen E. Mueller, DVM, explains, “It’s the only way to combat the number one cause of death of companion animalseuthanasia due to overpopulation.”

In addition to the large number of dogs that wind up in overcrowded animal shelters and are euthanized, there are also many dogs that are homeless.

PETA claims, “On any given day in the United States, there are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats struggling to survive. They are a result of people’s failure to spay and neuter their animal companions, allowing them to bring more animals into a world that already has more dogs and cats than there are loving homes for them.”

Not only will spaying and neutering your dog help curb overpopulation, but it is also good for them!

Spay and Neuter for A Longer Life

Multiple studies have shown that dogs who have been spayed or neutered tend to live longer than dogs who have not had the procedure.

The Humane Society reports, “A University of Georgia study, based on the medical records of more than 70,000 animal patients, found that the life expectancy of neutered male dogs was 13.8% longer and that of spayed female dogs was 26.3% longer. The average age of death of intact dogs was 7.9 years versus a significantly older 9.4 years for altered dogs.”

Spay and Neuter for Better Health

In addition to living longer, the surgery is also beneficial to a dog’s overall health.

In addition to protecting dogs from unsafe roaming, there is also protection against certain types of cancers. The Humane Society reports, “Intact female cats and dogs have a greater chance of developing pyometra (a potentially fatal uterine infection) and uterine, mammary gland and other cancers of the reproductive system. Neutering male pets eliminates their risk of testicular cancer and eliminates the possibility of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia which can affect the ability to defecate.”

Spay and Neuter for Improved Behavior

Beyond preventing a litter of puppies, another common reason people choose to spay or neuter their dogs is to stop unwanted behaviors. At the top of that list is humping and mounting. While the surgery will not eliminate this completely, it will help decrease how often a dog does it.

Spay and Neuter to Save Money

It may seem like a contradiction, but spaying your dog will save you money in the long run. While you may pay for the procedure today, you will save money down the road on potential health issues, such as cancer. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about paying for a litter!

world spay day

What Is World Spay Day?

According to the Humane Society Veterinarian Medical Association, “World Spay Day is an annual campaign that aims to encourage people to save animal lives by spaying and neutering companion animals and feral cats.”

Many veterinarians and animal shelters run promotions for free or cheap spaying on this awareness day. They do so because they feel it is important for pet owners to do to prevent unwanted litters and control overpopulation.

Low-Cost or Free Spay and Neuter Services in Dallas

In addition to World Spay Day, multiple organizations in the United States offer free or low-cost spay and neuter services. For example, SCPA of Texas performed 11,869 low-cost community spay/neuter services with 5,150 free fix spay/neuter surgeries performed in 2020. Money doesn’t have to be an issue!

Check out these low-cost and free spay and neuter services in Dallas.

Spay Neuter Network Clinic – Dallas (Free)

SCPA of Texas (Low-cost and free fix options)

Dallas Animal Services (Low-cost and free)

Let’s Fix This (Free)

SpayUSA® (Low-cost)

Super Scoopers encourages our clients to spread the word about World Spay Day.