Why People Use a Pooper Scooper Service

Use a Pooper Scooper Service

Many times when people first hear about Super Scoopers, they wonder why would people use a pooper scooper service. Based on the feedback we’ve heard from our clients, here is our top 5 countdown of the reasons people hire us to scoop their dog poop:

5. Scooping services are great for restoring backyard enjoyment.

Some like to view their backyard as a sanctuary—a place to relax. Nobody wants to smell dog poop baking in sun while their barbecue is cooking on the backyard grill! Whether it’s playing with the dog, running around with the kids or simply lounging on the deck, these individuals want to spend their time enjoying their backyard, not working in it.

4. Many people use a pooper scooper service because of physical hardship.

Unexpected life events occur—people become injured, get surgeries or become diagnosed with severe illnesses. During these times, the poop pileup in the backyard from a person’s pooch can be just one more stress to deal with. In these times, it is often a huge relief for people to use a pooper scooper service instead.

3. Pooper scooper services are often used to keep the peace.

Dog poop left unscooped can cause a lot of tension in relationships. For example, many couples have disagreements as to who should clean up after the dog. With an argument like that going unresolved, the problem in the backyard only gets bigger until it reaches a “squish moment.” We have been jokingly told by many different clients that we have saved a marriage! Still others have called to appease a landlord, a homeowner’s association or neighbors.

All in all, many people find it simpler to use a pooper scooper service rather than deal with the discord from their frustrated loved ones or those living near them.

2. People use a pooper scooper service because it piles up too quickly.

An average dog can produce roughly five pounds of poop per week. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you’re looking at households with two, three, four or even more dogs! When there are that many dogs sharing a yard, scooping can only be put off for a short amount of time before one of the dogs inevitably steps in a poop pile and tracks it back in the house—yuck!

Even for some homeowners with just one or two dogs, if they have a small backyard, it’s easy for their dogs to run out of clean space to poop within just a week. In these situations, it takes dedication and diligence from the homeowner to maintain a cleaning schedule for their yard. Many times it’s much simpler to put a professional pooper scooper to the task instead.

1. Pooper scooper services save time.

Finally, we come to our number one reason why people hire a pooper scooper service: they need more time! From the busy business owner to the new mother, from the foster dog owner to the overnight shift worker, most people who sign up for service would rather spend what little spare time they have actually playing with their dog, rather than cleaning up after it. In this busy day and age, time is valuable—and in the end, hiring a scooper gives you your time back.